Digital Dentistry

State of the Art Information Technology Software3D scanner

Our office is equipped with comprehensive orthodontic and pediatric dentistry treatment planning software. Our patients also benefit from digital x-rays which produce less radiation than the traditional kind and provide better quality images. This also includes Digital Study Models, In-house Digital 3D Lab and Digital Impressions!! (Which means No more yucky putty impressions)

Cone Beam CT Scananatomage rendering

Our office was designed with our patients’ health and comfort in mind. We are equipped with the latest technology in dental care including our own CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner from iCAT ( .
This extremely high tech machine acts as a 3D Digital X-ray that captures a 3D image of the patients head, jaw and oral cavity; not just teeth! Two-dimensional X-rays only show about 30% of what is going on with teeth, and although they are an invaluable tool in the dental practice, the CBCT scan is able to show us so much more. This allows us to guarantee you will receive the most precise treatment that relates specifically to your case.

Intra-oral Digital scannerFusion Orthodontics Trios scanner

Our office is equipped with the latest digital scanning technology that eliminates the need for taking impressions. Yes, no more gagging! We use 3Shape’s Trios Intra-oral digital scanner ( to take our impressions. The scans are then printed using a 3D printer and most of our lab work will be done over the printed models. This saves us tremendous amount of time and makes us able to deliver appliances in the shortest time period possible.